Alright, I confess! You can take that bare bulb out of my face and stop shouting at me. I admit that I have neglected this shabby blog for way too long. I’m a horrible horrible blogger. If anyone out there actually read my posts in the past, I’m sure they have given up hope of any more long ago as a hopelessly lost missing person.

Does anyone really follow blogs anymore? I am just as bad at reading blogs as I have been at writing my own. There is only one blog that I actually signed up to receive all the posts to my email. I’m signed up. Each post the author writes appears faithfully in my email at least a couple times a month. They come and I think, “I should probably read that.” Then I delete them. I’m a horrible blogger/blog supporter.

There is one blog I do catch on Facebook on a regular basis. Hardboiled Wonderland is written by Jedidiah Ayers and you can find it at I check this blog on a regular basis because Jed has a lot of movie recommendations, some of which are thankfully on Netflix. I can’t remember a movie that he has suggested that I’ve watched and not liked. He writes of other good stuff too, but I admit I got there mostly for the movie suggestions. Sorry Jed, I use you like a movie pimp.

So, what to do with this blog? Recently I have stepped back from crime fiction a little bit and gone back to the fiction favs of my earlier years. I’ve started hitting Fantasy and Sci/Fi pretty hard again. I’m looking for new fiction in those genres, and old too, that grips my imagination like some of my all-time favorites. Frank Herbert, Joe Haldeman, Orson Scott Card, Robert Jordan, L. E. Modesitt, S. M. Sterling, George R.R. Martin, are just a few. My writing interests have shifted in this direction as well, although it remains to be seen if I will have any success with that or not.

This shift isn’t total however and I still have an intense interest in crime fiction and crime in general. With my career as a police detective, it’s impossible to get away from. So what I am thinking is to post about books that I really enjoy, books that I would rate three stars and above, five being a book that is not only good but so good that it makes me want to stop what I’m doing and write a story myself regardless of genre. These are rare and I get very excited when I find them. There are a number of authors that have had this effect on me. Stephen King has done it a few times, Robert Jordan as well. In the world of Crime and Noir there are some too. Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock had the unique effect of making me want to write and giving me a feeling of utter worthlessness as a writer. He has a new novel coming out next month that I am really looking forward to. Tom Franklin, Frank Bill, and Joe R. Lansdale are some others that have really inspired me to not only to write, but write better. So when I find books that have this effect on me, I will definitely dedicate a post to them.

Finally, I think I want to write about my experiences at work as well. On Facebook there were a number of people who enjoyed my often comical posts titled Things Heard While Working Sex Crimes Quote of the Week. I’d like to do something similar but more in depth to maybe help my fellow writers, as well as the average Joe, understand police work a little better. Hopefully most of these will have an element of the comical in them. I run into a lot of crazy funny shit doing this job, stuff you just can’t make up.

So there you go, fingers crossed. I’d promise to post every week, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure right off the bat. So I will commit to twice a month. So hopefully some of you out there will find some interest in what I write here, and I’ll do my best to read more of all of your blogs. If you stop in to read my words, it’s the least I can do.

C. J. Edwards

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