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Life: The Real Writer’s Block

Posted in Uncategorized on December 3, 2013 by C. J. Edwards

WritersblockRecently I was given some new motivation to start a novel based on a couple of short stories of mine published in Needle: A Magazine of Noir. Things rocketed off to a great start, and I was packing words onto the page at the tune of 2000-3000 words a day. If I could have continued at that breakneck pace, I could have finished two novels by now. Then the inevitable happened…LIFE.

In my limited experience so far, life is the biggest form of writer’s block that there is. Work, kids, a second job, school, illness, holidays, and whatever else you can think of all conspire to take you away from your great masterpiece in the making. Life is so much deadlier than mere writer’s block. It seems to happen at an exponentially greater rate as well.

So there I am banging the shit out of this novel and one of my old root canals decides it’s time to go on strike and give me an infection. As the fog of pain builds, my word count dwindled till not only was I getting ZERO words per day, I had to call off the day job for an entire week. The whole debacle went on for about a month and included two visits to the endodontist before I was back to normal. Yes! Word count going back up.

Just as I was getting up past 1000 words per day again my body decided to take a dump on me and get sick. A common cold mutated into a sinus infection which dropped into my lungs like a skydiver with a faulty chute. This inspired my asthma to wake up and say hello. I am now into the third week of this life sucking ailment, and I am barley making 1000 words every other day if I’m lucky.

To really put this in perspective, the first three weeks I was working on this particular novel I wrote close to 20,000 words. Rock on, right? In the weeks since with all this lovely LIFE happening, I am now sitting at 26,000. I really hope I can get back to normal and start rolling again. 

I hope people don’t think I’m bragging about being able to really crank out the words when I’m health and not too busy. I know the amount doesn’t matter at all. For some a couple hundred a day is a lot while I have heard about people that could push into the multi-thousands per day consistently. What is important is that LIFE happens to us all and no matter what roadblocks are thrown in our way, we have to keep at it. Get yourself in front of that keyboard EVERY day, even it it’s only for five minutes to tap out a few sentences or edit some previous paragraphs. Finish those pages no matter how long it takes. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.

Look at me. I’m giving advice like I know what the hell I’m talking about. Well I have wasted enough words on this blog. It’s time to get back to the novel and hope my sickness induced asthma will leave me alone for a while.

Good luck to all of you in your own writing.