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Manifesto Destination

Posted in Uncategorized on August 22, 2013 by C. J. Edwards

MFI am really excited to announce the release date for Alec Cizak’s novella Manifesto Destination. On Tuesday September 17, 2013 you will be able to purchase this dark dystopian noir story from Amazon in both physical book and ebook formats. Anyone who enjoys hard boiled fiction or stories about non-traditional PIs will enjoy this book.

Alec Cizak has been writing for a long time, and writing well. If wondering the internet looking for gritty tales of crime is your thing, you probably have come across his work which has appeared in places like Beat To A Pulp and A Twist of Noir. He is the editor of the fantastic fiction magazine Pulp Modern and the driving force behind Uncle B’s Drive-In Fiction, a collection of six novellas inspired by the golden age of drive-in movies.

I first met Alec at the University of Indianapolis in a creative writing class. We were all writing paragraphs to read out loud in class. Most of the students were of the traditional type in their late teens or early twenties and read the usual romantic story beginnings about love, sunshine, and butterflies. When my turn came I cleared my throat and proceeded to read the following:

Jackie Wiggles was a street whore. The last two of her twenty-four years were spent picking up her Johns, and then nice and quick sucking the twenty, or ten, and yes sometimes even five dollar bills from their sweat-stained wallets. She had been raped twice, stabbed three times, robbed, hit by cars, arrested, and beaten up more times than she could count. Two babies and three infections later, she was the most experienced and street savvy whore on the near east side of Indianapolis.

There were several wide eyes and some stares after that, but I still don’t think that paragraph was that shocking. After class Alec came up to me and told me to submit something to the fiction webzine he had started called All Due Respect. That night I read all the stories on the site at that time and was thoroughly impressed. Over the next couple months I wrote a story that Alec would eventually publish called “The Peeper.”

Since then I have become friends with Alec and have been very impressed by his writing and his editing skills. His occasional suggestions to my own writing have been right on the money every time. Now I have the pleasure to participate in publishing some of his work.

So join us on Facebook for the online book release party on September 17. Stop in, leave some words, and do yourself a favor. Buy a book!