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Pulp Modern Comes To Kindle

Posted in Uncategorized on September 2, 2012 by C. J. Edwards

Recently I have had the pleasure of editing Pulp Modern 2 and 3 for Amazon’s Kindle. Issue two is already up and ready for download while issue three will be available for Kindle readers soon. Since these two issues have been my first foray into editing for an e-reader, Alec Cizak has put a lot of trust in me to do it well.

Leading up to giving this whole e-book thing a whirl, I did a lot of research on how to make the e-books look just as good as the major publications are putting out. Many of the complaints about self-published works, especially e-books, are that they don’t look as professional as they should. Having readers not being able to tell the difference between your e-book and something by your favorite big time author is huge.

A big help in achieving the look and feel that I wanted was JW Manus’ blog which can be found at Manus really has her finger on the pulse of e-book formatting and has done a lot of work for people like Lawrence Block. She has done some stunning work with e-books and in my opinion really leads the charge in creating e-books that are a real pleasure to read.

Pulp Modern is an amazing publication. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you really need to. Alec Cizak has done a fantastic job putting together a wonderfully eclectic selection of fiction that appeal to a variety of tastes. These stories are GOOD. Cizak has a great eye for fiction and with three published issues, Pulp Modern has yet to disappoint, so you can see why I really want to do justice by it in editing the e-book version.

As happy as I was with issue two there are some minor hiccups that have been corrected in issue three. When the Kindle version of issue 3 is available I know it will be a smooth and enjoyable read for those with Kindle e-readers. So those of you shopping for an e-book of great fiction, check out Pulp Modern. Alec has priced the e-book versions at an amazingly low price, less than a cup of joe at some coffee shops.

For you writers out there, submissions are now open for Pulp Modern 4, which will be edited for Kindle by Full Dark City Press which I will be opening for its own submissions very soon. Full Dark City Press will also be taking on affiliate publications. There are some great small publications out there that may not have the time or expertise to bring their issues to Kindle and soon will be able to contract with FDC to do the work for them.

Now if there are any of you out there who just want to get your book edited for Kindle at a reasonable price, but it isn’t right for FDC or you just want to do your own thing, hit me up at

Pulp Modern Issue 2